Friday, August 1, 2008

Flywheel - Storage - Secure-Rite

The following information was provided by Lucas Griffin of Secure-Rite Mobile Storage Inc

A few tips to consider when planning for a mobile storage unit.

• Decide what contents you want to place in the unit in order to determine which size you should order:
o We typically recommend a 10ft for 1 bedroom apartments or suites and a 20ft for 2-3 bedroom dwellings.
o When in doubt, go bigger - too much space is better than not enough!
• Determine where you wish to place the unit:
o Pick a location as close as possible to the entrance you will use to load the unit in order to save time and work
o Decide which way you want the doors of the storage unit facing
o It is ALWAYS best to place the unit on your own property
o Units can be placed for short periods of time at the side of City Roads, but a permit must be obtained from the municipality
• Ensure that the delivery truck will have enough room to deliver your storage unit:
o 10ft unit (10’L x 8’W x 8.5’H) requires 10’W by 50’L drop area
o 20ft unit (20’L x 8’W x 8.5’H) requires 10’W by 60’L drop area
o The width of residential streets may be included in above drop areas
• When packing a unit:
o Place heavy contents at the bottom, lighter items on top
o Put items you won’t need at the back of the unit, keep more useful items near the doors
o If possible, leave an aisle down the centre or side of the unit to allow access to most items if you will not be moving the loaded unit
• Once the unit is loaded:
o Place a good lock inside the steel lockbox on the doors
o Keep unit doors shut unless accessing contents
o Unit can be moved off-site for storage if required (extra delivery and storage fees will apply)

Secure-Rite Mobile Storage provides a range of secure and weatherproof Mobile Storage units. Our new or used containers are available for purchase, lease or rent at competitive prices, and we can deliver anywhere...anytime. When you need to protect your valuables and household items from the risk of damage during a renovation or restoration project, mobile storage is the solution! By having storage on-site, you have all the protection you require with the advantage of instant access to anything you might need. Secure-Rite is committed to providing every one of our customers with clean, well-maintained, esthetically-pleasing storage units. Our mobile containers are a light, neutral colour that blends well into neighbourhood locations and reflects most of the heat from the Okanagan sun.

Our rental rates are very cost-effective:
• 10ft storage unit $110/mth + GST + PST (one month minimum)
• 20ft storage unit $135/mth + GST + PST (one month minimum)
• Empty delivery and pickup: $90 each + GST
• Loaded delivery and pickup: $120 each + GST

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