Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Flywheel - Better Foundations - Rub-R-Wall Waterproofing

Rub-R-Wall is a liquid-applied single-component rubber waterproofing membrane that can be applied at ambient temperatures down to –15oC on frozen (not icy) substrates to form a seamless, impermeable, non-deteriorating rubber membrane. The membrane provides exceptional adhesion, has excellent inherent strength and is incredibly elastic, allowing for contraction and expansion, easily bridging gaps up to 1/16” wide. Rub-R-Wall can be used in both new construction and retrofit for commercial, industrial or institutional applications.

Some of it's advantages:

• 100% asphalt-free and won’t break down over time like many other products.
• Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic so won’t leach chemicals into the ground or ground water, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
• The membrane resists the attack of fungus, algae and bacteria and maintains its superior performance properties when exposed to chemicals and gases found in the soil.
• The product has a lifetime limited guarantee.
As far as the National Building Code is concerned, Rub-R-Wall meets the intent of Part 5, Section 5.8.2 – Protection from Moisture in the Ground and Part 9, Section 9.13 – Dampproofing, Waterproofing and Soil Gas Control, a copy of which is included with this letter. (Contact your local building authority for further review)

Rub-R-Wall is an excellent product and prevents the passage of water under hydrostatic, dynamic or static pressure and its uses include foundation walls, parking garage decks and ramps, plazas, podiums and pedestrian concourses, elevator shafts, tunnels and bridge decks.

Rub-R-Wall Waterproofing of BC Inc. is also the BC dealer for other Advanced Coatings products including air/vapour barrier, drainage membranes, spray insulation and other products. You can visit their website at for further details.

For information or if you would like to discuss using Rub-R-Wall for your projects, please contact:

Bruce H. Gordon
Waterproofing of BC Inc.
Tel: 604-535-4424
Cel: 604-341-2596

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