Sunday, June 14, 2009

Okanagan - Dimensionally Stable Timber Framing - Tru Dry

Building with or adding a timber frame feature to a new build or renovation is an excellent choice in today's market. However, working with large dimensional lumber can it's problems if not cured correctly. Curing wood timbers is difficult and it usually results in the heart of the timber having high moisture levels. Large timbers will often twist, crack and check in our dry climate over time, which can lead to an appearance that is not visually appealing or to structural problems.

When I saw a Tru-Dry ( presentation at the latest Canadian Home Builders Association South Okanagan regarding a unique drying technique I thought I should pass the information along. This Oregon based company offers the designer and builder an assurance that the timbers being installed will stay more dimensionally stable over time

Tru-Dry offers a clear advantage to builders and home owners seeking the finest timber available -- it's consistent and uniform moisture content. Using advanced, next-generation Radio Frequency Vacuum (RFV) technology Tru-Dry is:

* > dried evenly, to the core of each piece.
* > the most consistently dried timber on the market.
* > the most stable, solid-sawn timber on the market.
* > the leader in quality and appearance.

For more information contact:

Paul Bouchard
BP Wood
PO Box 1029 Penticton BC
250 498 7255

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